Saturday, April 9, 2011


During the course I particularly enjoyed learning about creating effects through lesson #6. The change in interface from previous versions made me feel like they left out some of the fun tools I learned in iMovie 06'. Fortunately there are more (and better) effects in iMovie 11 I just needed to learn for to find and utilize them. I remember fondly exploring the lightning bolt effect in previous versions. The effects in iMovie 11 are much more elegant and professional. I had been frustrated simply adding titles in previous assignments but this lesson showed me how to make my visuals pop with simple editing techniques. I plan on using this knowledge both in my personal and professional life. Having completed the class and earned my certification my next goal will be to put this knowledge to use and create an assignment trailer. My hope is that by creating a dynamic and entertaining video utilizing course concepts I can motivate my students to a higher level of performance and engagement.

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