Saturday, April 9, 2011


I have had some experience using iMovie for educational purposes but it was a pleasure to learn the proper way of editing and composing video through this powerful tool. I have often been frustrated by the interface and preferred iMovie '06 to the numerous updates since. The older versions used a linear style similar to Final Cut and the newer versions appeared to be tailor made for those with no experience in video editing whatsoever. Through this lesson I learned some of the advanced techniques that I was unaware of within the program. is an amazing resource. One cannot underestimate the value of instructor immediacy but for a strong self-starter the lessons on Lynda can be great introductions to technical topics. I plan on growing my skill set through continuing the certification processes.

The duration of this program was a bit daunting but I found the author, Garrick Chow to be an excellent instructor and communicator. The organization was the class was laid out logically and I liked how I could see which components had been completed in the process. Overall, Lynda did a great job of presenting and organizing this course and I am looking forward to earning my certificate of completion.

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