Sunday, April 10, 2011

BP4_Slide Rocket

"Slide Rocket builds conversations not lectures"

Web 2.0 tool Slide Rocket is a dynamic presentation tool platform that allows for easy updating, consistency across presentations and sharing of information. The quote above condenses the message of Web 2.0 technology, that we no longer live on a static one way street of information technology and communication but rather an open environment where everyone can contribute and the best ideas rise to the top. Exploring the tool the features are very similar to Microsoft Powerpoint or Apple Keynote. The interface is elegant and easy to understand and there is a surprising amount of functionality here for a web-based tool. Fonts can be changed easily, colors are editable and there are a number of well designed presentation templates as well. The templates reflect the aesthetic of Web 2.0 design with use of gradients, strong sans-serif fonts, drop shadows, and embossed buttons.

I'm sure every veteran instruction has had at least one time where there slides didn't work due to a technical error. There is always a chance things won't go as planned but if one can connect to the internet they can access their slides. No need for flash drives or file errors. Overall, had Slide Rocket been a simple online presentation tool it would be of note, fortunately it is much more for that. By integrating online conversation tools, Slide Rocket truly turns your presentations into conversations and perhaps the biggest lesson we can learn from Web 2.0 technology is the natural human instinct to converse and the power therein.

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