Sunday, November 13, 2011

MAC Wk3 BP1: The Art Of Possibility

I enjoyed reading through the work of Benjamin Zander this week and while a number of the concepts seemed commonsensical to me his passion shined through. I have always had a passion for leadership and have long held the belief that real leadership is not a function of position but of attitude and fortitude. When I reflect on the most powerful leaders I have had in my life I find that they had a focus on serving. Everyone has the opportunity to serve and in that sense everyone has an opportunity to lead.

I also reflected upon the idea of change in reading chapter eight. How often do we avoid change in the pursuit of comfort? I often question my own role in this argument. There is certainly place for comfort and relaxation in our lives but if we become too comfortable in the status quo we might avoid a "better way". Many of us have a natural urge to improve our surroundings but we can be stifled by fear.

This book has proved as a powerful motivator and an excellent selection for this point in the program. I am reflecting on the work I have accomplished and I am looking forward to exploring new possibilities in the coming year. Zander's work has primed me to enter this new phase with a renewed positive attitude.

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  1. I couldn't agree more that leadership today isn't about hierarchy or position, but function and service. Good leaders inspire and free those under their charge to accomplish and work at high level.