Friday, November 4, 2011

MAC Wk2: PPP Thinking Out Loud

I am excited to enter the final phase of my CBR and bring my research to the educational community. I was amazed and a bit intimidated to see the amount of conferences within the community. There will be some issues regarding submission availability but luckily many conferences are held at our huge convention center in Orlando so hopefully I will be able to find a good fit.

I am definitely leaning towards a presentation. I have thrived in front of a crowd as long as I can remember. My mother put my brother, sister and I in theater at a very young age and I think it gave us a bit of an edge regarding public speaking. I have begun to prepare my research as a Continuing Education event at Full Sail and bringing it to a convention should be a natural step from there.

I am looking forward to researching the possibilities for this presentation though I'm sure it will take a good deal of examination of these different organizations (and possibly some membership dues!)


  1. Mike,
    Your excitement and enthusiasm for presenting are half the battle - go for it and have fun! It appears that presenting is invigorating for you and I really like your idea of trying a continuing education event before moving to the larger audience at a convention. Hopefully the issues you mentioned are more like mole hills than mountains. And indeed, don't forget a budget line item for dues!