Thursday, October 27, 2011

MAC BP_03: hitRECord

Hello friends! For this post I would like to share an interesting website with you. hitRECord is a website/concept developed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Members of the hitRECord community credit "Records" or pieces of art both musical and visual. From there members are allowed to use and remix another members work eventually leading to a full project. The community democratically decides on projects and crowd-sources the skills of the community. Some of the final projects are pretty amazing but the process is really at the core. I am inspired by the openness of these users to share their work and allow it to be remixed so freely. This attitude seen in the Creative Commons community really shows the spirit of collaboration and artistic exploration.

Here is an example of a hitRECord piece:


  1. Michael,
    Thanks for posting this site. After listening to hours of extreme law locking erudites, this site was a welcome relief. Morgan M Morgansen's Date with Destiny lip lifted me. A wonderful example of a creative commons solution and a bridge to the future! Thanks.

  2. I heard about this site from NPR and was very amazed at the creativity and community that's sprung up because JGL is open to it. Amazing.